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We have a huge range of bollards and security posts for sale in mild steel, stainless steel, and timber. As we are a fabrication shop and not just a street furniture re-seller, we are able to provide bespoke bollards alongside our standard bollard range. Our website makes selecting your required bollard very easy. You can set up an account and place an order within a couple of minutes.

From the early days of fixing a cannon upside down into the ground to moor ships, or using timber posts to restrict horse drawn traffic, the bollard has become a ubiquitous access & traffic control solution. A bollard is an upright post, usually fabricated from steel or timber, which is either concreted into the ground, or bolted onto the ground surface using a base plate. There are also removable and retractable bollards, which are supplied with a ground socket, allowing the post to either drop down completely into the socket, or be removed from the socket entirely when not in use.

Bollards, regardless of the material, are used predominantly to restrict vehicle access, while still allowing the free movement of pedestrians. Bollards can also be used for impact protection and are often seen installed outside of shop fronts and cash machines to prevent ram raids. They are also implemented as building corner protection and shutter door protection for commercial buildings, loading bays and warehouses. Bollards are extremely versatile security products and can be used as a cost-effective perimeter protection and demarcation solution due to their low price point, durability, and simplicity. Bollards can also be used internally in factories to prevent accidental impact to machinery by forklift trucks and create safe walkways for workers.

We fabricate and supply a huge range of bollards. Select your bollard type from one of the categories below. You will then be able to select your size and finish on the product page. 

Common Materials Used To Make Bollards:

Galvanised Mild Steel Bollards:
Galvanised mild steel bollards are no-nonsense, round or square mild steel post with a welded top cap. Steel bollards can either be concreted into the ground, or bolted to the surface using base plates. Mild steel bollards are galvanised to stop them rusting and can be powder coated in any colour. Fabricated in-house, our galvanised mild steel bollards provide a simple, strong and cost-effective means of access control and perimeter protection. Available in a wide range of sizes, we can also fabricate fully bespoke steel bollards to suit any project requirements.

Stainless Steel Bollards:
Stainless steel bollards have all the strength and durability of mild steel as well as the attractive finish inherent to stainless steel. Stainless steel is often preferred over mild steel for its contemporary appearance and low-maintenance, anti-vandal properties  plus the fact that it does not need to be galvanised to prevent rust. Our stainless steel bollards are available in a wide variety of sizes with a selection of fixing methods, top caps and banding options available. If you can't see the bollard size that you require listed, not to worry, we can make it for you as we fabricate all bollards in-house. 304 grade and 316 grade stainless options are available. 316 grade is preferred in coastal areas and is also known as marine grade.

Timber Bollards - Hardwood & Softwood Bollards:
Timber bollards offer a perfect alternative to steel and are used when the rustic aesthetics of real wood are desired over a metal option. With inherent strength and natural good looks, timber bollards have been used for delineation and access control for centuries and are an extremely versatile security solution for both urban and rural projects. Available in Oak, Larch, Iroko or Tanalised Softwood. Timber bollards provide the strength and durability of metal, with the natural, rustic charm of wood. Available in Fixed versions for concreting directly into the ground, or with a galvanised steel ground socket to provide a Removable option All wooden bollards are sourced exclusively from sustainable forestry schemes.

Recycled Plastic Bollards:
Using 100% recycled materials, recycled plastic bollards are a great way to convert old waste into a strong and long-lasting traffic and access control solution. Recycled plastic bollards are an environmentally friendly, cost effective, and incredibly strong form of perimeter protection, access control, or delineation. Once installed, a recycled plastic bollard is entirely maintenance free and will stay in place for many, many years.

Most Common Types Of Bollards:

Fixed/Static Bollards:
When a permanent access control solution is required, a fixed bollard will provide cost effective, long-lasting and strong protection. Fixed bollards can either be concreted into the ground (root/ragged fix)or bolted to the surface using base plates (bolt down/base plate fix). We would recommend a minimum root fixing depth of 300mm for a standard root fixed bollard. Heavy duty bollards should be concreted in a minimum depth of 500mm, depending on the overall height above ground of the bollard.

Heavy Duty Steel Bollards:
Fabricated from larger diameter heavy duty steel tube and featuring a thicker wall for increased impact protection. The heavy duty steel bollards can be supplied with loose top caps for concrete filling on site. These bollards are usually specified on commercial properties and can be used to protect roller shutter doors, pallet racking, and can also be used on shop fronts to prevent ram raiding.

Fold Down Parking Post:
Folding bollards are bolted to the ground and designed to lay flat to the surface when unlocked and lowered. This allows vehicles to pass over the parking post unobstructed. Fold down bollards are locked in the raised position using a padlock. The simple design makes this a reliable and convenient security product more suited to residential usage and workplace car parks. Fold down parking posts are bolted directly to the ground surface, making them ideal for areas where digging foundations is not feasible.

Retractable Bollard:
Retractable bollards are housed inside a long, steel ground socket which is concreted into the ground allowing the security post to be raised and lowered as necessary. On the top of the bollard is a key-operated, push button lock, used to raise and lower the security post. The telescopic bollard can be locked in the raised and lowered position. When lowered, the bollard drops down into the ground and is protected by a flush fitting lid plate. Telescopic bollards are popular on driveways, where they provide extremely effective protection for cars, camper vans and caravans. If you have a telescopic bollard, just the sight alone can be enough to deter criminals from attempted vehicle theft.

Removable Bollard (Lift out):
Removable bollards sit inside a concreted in galvanised, steel ground socket when in use and are locked in place using a padlock. Unlike the telescopic post, the removable bollard lifts out of the ground socket completely when not in use. Once removed, the removable bollard can be stored away until needed back on duty. With a removable bollard, you won't have to dig as deep a foundation as if you were to choose a telescopic bollard. The socket depth is 300mm, making it more suitable for certain areas where digging is restricted.

How deep should a bollard be buried?

We would recommend fixing a standard steel bollard (1200mm overall bollard length), a minimum of 300mm into the concrete foundations. For heavy duty bollards (1500mm - 1800mm overall bollard length) we would recommend a minimum root depth of 500mm - 600mm.

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