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Cycle Shelters:
Cycle Shelters are secure, steel framed enclosures, often with Perspex side and roof panels, commonly used in schools, housing complexes, hospitals etc for the safe storage of bikes and scooters. Cycle shelters can be fitted with cycle stands or cycle racks to allow the bike to be locked in place using a bike lock and can also be fitted with lockable gates to ensure a doubly secure storage facility.

Dugout Sports Team Shelters:
Dugout shelters provide an elegant, attractive and weatherproof seating area for managers, officials and substitute players in sports grounds and stadiums. Perspex side and roof cladding provides protection from wind, rain and snow. Dugout shelters are available with a range of seating options and can be multi-tiered if necessary.

Vaping & Smoking Shelters:
Vaping and Smoking shelters provide a covered area for workers or revellers to enjoy a cigarette or blast from their vape without having to worry about the UK weather. These shelters are well ventilated, as per government regulation, and can be fitted with seats for comfort and ashtrays to ensure the area is kept clean and tidy. The open fronted design and simple installation make this an extremely popular shelter for both recreational areas and places of work.

Pram Shelters:
Pram and buggy shelters allow the securing of pushchairs and prams inside a weatherproof enclosure. Pram shelters feature a Perspex roof and can be fitted with Perspex or timber side panels, lockable gates may also be fitted to provide additional security. Popular at nurseries, primary schools and clinics, pram shelters also provide a sheltered waiting area for parents and children during bad weather.

Supermarket Trolley Shelters:
Supermarket trolley shelters are used to securely house shopping trolleys on retail parks and supermarket carparks. The shelter features a Perspex roof and side panels to ensure a weatherproof enclosure. Trolley shelters are fitted with Trolley Bay Hoops to provide a fixing point for the trolley’s chain locks and prevent them being strewn across car parks, potentially causing damage to vehicles.

Waiting Shelters and Bus Shelters:
Waiting and bus shelters are simple, commonplace structures found at public transport stops on high streets up and down the country. Featuring a roof as standard, with optional cladding available to the sides for further protection from the elements.

Canopy Shelters: 
Canopy shelters feature a steel frame and Perspex roof that can be bolted to walls above doorways or shopfronts to provide cover. Canopy shelters are available in a wide range of sizes, to suit a single doorway, or a commercial shop front.
Walkways are extended canopies that sit on stanchions along designated pathways to give shelter between buildings such as schools and hospitals.

All shelters are available with various internal fixtures and fittings including seatscycle stands and bike racks.

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