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Most security posts and bollards are used for perimeter protection and traffic management by restricting access to vehicles while still allowing access by pedestrians. Some bollards are used as a security measure to protect commercial properties, shops and cash machines against ram-raids, and others are used to prevent the theft of cars or caravans from driveways.

What materials are bollards available in?

Mild steel bollards provide strength and durability, while being relatively cheap, and can be powder coated in any colour. Mild steel bollards can also be galvanised to prevent rust.

Stainless steel bollards are strong and durable while giving a modern and attractive finish to any project. Stainless steel charging point protection bollards are becoming increasingly popular due to the electrical vehicle revolution.

Timber bollards are naturally strong and ooze rustic charm. All timber bollards are FSC certified and sourced from sustainable forestry schemes. Both our Softwood and Hardwood timber bollards can also be utilised as post and rail systems by boring a hole through the post and inserting a galvanised steel tube.

Plastic bollards are made from 100% recycled plastics and are a great way to convert old waste into a strong and environmentally friendly traffic and access control product.

Polyurethane bollards are moulded around a steel core providing a very strong security product, available in a range of ornate designs. Polyurethane is also chip resistant making for an exceptionally durable bollard.

What are the types of bollards available?

Static bollards are a simple post and cap that can be concreted into the ground or bolted to the surface with a base plate. This type of bollard is usually made from metal or timber and has been around for centuries.

The fold down parking post sits on a hinged base plate and is locked into the upright position (usually behind a car or van on a driveway) with a padlock, preventing anybody without a key from driving away. The fold down bollard can also be used to reserve designated spaces on car parks. Folding bollards lay flat to the floor when not in use.

The telescopic bollard drops down into a galvanised steel ground socket when not in use. Telescopic bollards are fitted with a high security integral lock on the head of the post that is operated with a key and locks in both the raised and lowered position. When your post is dropped into the concreted in ground socket, all you will see is a flat steel lid.

Removable bollards also sit inside a concreted in ground socket when in use. Unlike the telescopic post, the removable bollard is lifted out of the socket completely when not in use. The lift out bollard is secured in place with a padlock and when not in use is stored away until it is needed back on duty.

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