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Walk down any town or city centre, drive down any road or go to any shopping centre and you will see bollards. Bollards are everywhere! There seem to be so many different types of bollards and security posts that it can all seem a little confusing. If you know that you need a bollard but aren’t quite sure just what type would be best, then Barricade are here to help. We have decades of experience in the street furniture industry designing, manufacturing and installing bollards & security posts. If you want to talk bollards, then look no further.

Most bollards are used for perimeter protection and traffic management by restricting access to vehicles while still allowing access by pedestrians. Some bollards are used as a security measure to protect shops and cash machines against ram-raids, and some are used to prevent the theft of vehicles from driveways by creating a heavy-duty and high-strength barrier behind your lovely new car (or your cherished little banger).

Bollards come in many shapes and sizes and can be fabricated from a wide range of materials including mild steelstainless steel, softwood or hardwood timber, polyurethane and recycled plastic. Mild steel bollards provide strength and allow for painting in all kinds of fancy colours after being galvanised (to stop rust), while stainless steel bollards look great with nothing on and will keep their shiny finish for years; wooden bollards ooze rustic charm and are all sourced from sustainable forestry schemes; plastic bollards are made from 100% recycled plastics and are a great way to convert old plastic waste into a strong and environmentally friendly product, and polyurethane bollards are moulded around a steel core in all kinds of wonderful designs.

There are also quite a few variations on the standard bollard which is usually just a steel post with a welded cap that is either bolted to the surface or concreted into the ground to form a simple barrier. Let’s run through a few of the more common bollard variations:

Static bollards are the most common type and don’t have any fancy tricks up their sleeves (but don’t let them hear you call them boring). They are a simple post that is either concreted into the ground or bolted to the surface with a base plate. This type of bollard is usually made from metal or timber and has been around for centuries. From the early days of fixing a cannon upside down into the ground to moor ships and using timber posts to restrict traffic, the bollard has become a ubiquitous traffic control and perimeter protection method due to its reliability and simplicity.

Then there is the folding parking post which sits on a hinged base plate and is locked into the upright position (usually behind a car or van on a driveway) with a padlock preventing anybody without the security post key from driving away. The fold down bollard can also be used to reserve designated spaces on car parks. Folding bollards lay flat to the floor when not in use.

The telescopic, or retractable bollard, works in much the same way as the folding bollard but instead of laying flat to the floor when not in use, it drops down into a galvanised steel ground socket that has been concreted into the ground. The telescopic bollard is fitted with a high security 10 pin anti-tamper lock on the head of the post that is operated with a key and locks in both the raised and lowered position. When your bollard is dropped into the ground, all you will see is a flat steel lid.

Removable bollards also sit inside a concreted in ground socket when in use, unlike the telescopic bollard however, the removable bollard is lifted out of the socket completely when not in use (hence the name). The lift out bollard is secured in place with a padlock and when not in use is stored away until it’s needed back on duty.

All of our steel security posts are fabricated in-house using top quality British steel and the mild steel bollards are galvanised as standard to prevent rust, we can powder coat mild steel bollards to any colour and fit with reflective bands for increased visibility. Stainless steel bollards are available in grade 304 (which is standard) or 316 which is marine grade (used on sea fronts and coastal areas). Timber, plastic and polyurethane bollards are all available with recesses and reflective bands. All static bollards are available in round and square options and can have different shaped tops including flat, chamfered, domed, pyramid or elliptical.

We pride ourselves on our high-quality workmanship and design flexibility and our team of highly skilled metalworkers can design and fabricate bespoke bollards to suit any specification. Our bollards are all manufactured to the highest quality standards and available at very competitive prices. If you want any more information on our bollards, just give our friendly and helpful sales team a call on 0845 900 2131. Alternatively, you can fill in our enquiry form on the contact page or send us an email and we will be more than happy to help.

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