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Mild Steel Ground Sockets


Our heavy-duty steel ground sockets are designed to house steel or timber bollards and barriers and will enable the complete removal of the product to allow temporary vehicle access. Our ground sockets are fitted with a steel lid that has been specially laser-cut to enable a locking pin to slot through the steel lid and securely lock the post into place with a padlock. If you are fitting a timber bollard into the socket, let us know and we will supply the pin along with your socket.

All ground sockets are fully galvanised to ensure a durable, weather resistant unit. As the ground socket will be buried in the ground, and in contact with water, galvanising will ensure the socket will not rust. The socket is supplied with drainage holes which will prevent the build up of water inside the socket and prevent any waterlogging which could damage the bollard.

The steel lid is fully replaceable, meaning that if the lid is damaged accidentally, you can just ask us for a new lid, and not have to completely dig out the socket itself. When the bollard is removed from the ground socket, the lid will sit completely flush with the ground surface to avoid any trip hazards. 

Our ground sockets are available to suit 100mm150mm 200mm bollards. If you require a size that isn't listed, let us know and we will be happy to provide a quotation.

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The specification for your selected product is shown in the table below:
Attribute Value
Locking Pin For Timber Bollard

Locking Pin For Timber Bollard

The pin is fixed to the timber bollard and used to lock the bollard in place using a padlock (padlock not supplied). If you are using the socket to house a timber bollard, add your pin here.
Only exVat

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