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We supply a wide variety of barriers and bollards designed specifically to protect EV (Electric Vehicle) charging points from vehicle impact damage. Our barriers are available with base plates for bolting down or with extended legs for concrete in root fixing. 

EV (Electric Vehicle) Charger guard barriers & bollards are specifically designed to protect upright EV charging points stations from accidental damage by vehicles. The barrier will absorb any accidental impact, therefore protecting the EV charging station.

With the increasing popularity of electrical vehicles, EV charging stations have become a common sight on petrol forecourts, supermarket car parks and retail parks. As with any product designed to be in close proximity to a car or van, it is prone to being accidentally bumped or knocked.

Installing an EV protection barrier will save you a lot of time and money in the event of an accidental collision, as replacing a damaged barrier is far quicker, and cheaper, than installing a new EV Charging Point.

Bespoke EV barriers can be designed for more specialist locations.

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