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We have been making boot wipers since 2008, so why not buy your Boot Wipers, Boot Brushes & Boot Scrapers direct from us, the manufacturer, for a guaranteed great deal. Ordering couldn't be easier: Simply register, enter a few details, and we'll do the rest. 

What is a boot scraper?

A boot scraper, or boot wiper, is a steel unit with a metal blade and brushes which is fitted at the entrance to a home, school, or office building; or alongside a sports pitch, playing field, or farm to allow people to scrape mud, dirt, or manure off the soles of their footwear before entering.

Freestanding Boot Wiper with Scraper:
Including our best selling, 5 star rated Pro Boot Wiper, our freestanding boot wiper brushes with scrapers do not require fixing into or onto the ground to use. The wide base and fully welded handle means the boot wiper will remain stable in use and can be stored away when not required, making a great product for people where space is at a premium.

Boot wipers & scrapers are commonly found in schools, sports facilities, farms, and even building sites. The versatility and ease of use makes freestanding boot wipers the perfect fixture for any grassy area. The freestanding Pro model is especially useful for golf clubs and dog walkers.

Heavy Duty Single Boot Wiper with Scraper:
Heavy duty Single boot wipers are just under 1 metre wide and supplied with one large brush and two small side brushes. Fabricated in house using 38mm steel, this boot scraper will last you for years, even with everyday use.
Our Single boot wipers & scrapers are supplied with built-in steel side scrapers that will remove most of the stubborn mud, with the durable, nylon brushes will take care of any remaining mud or dirt. The Single boot wiper & scraper is perfect for sports clubs and school playing fields, as well as residential use. 
Single boot scrapers are available with base plates (bolt down) or extended legs (root fix) for concreting in depending on where the boot wiper needs to be fitted. 

Heavy Duty Double Boot Scraper with Brushes:
Heavy duty double width boot scraper with brushes, measuring 1.5 metres long, and supplied with two large brushes and two small side brushes. Perfect for football training grounds and sports facilities where there are more boots to clean. Features a 38mm diameter fully welded steel frame making it extremely durable and suitable for heavy duty commercial use.
Built-in steel boot scrapers are fitted to work in tandem with the brushes leaving muddy boots nice and clean.
Double boot scrapers are available with base plates (bolt down) or extended legs (root fix) for concreting in depending on where the boot wiper needs to be fitted. 

Heavy Duty Treble Boot Scraper with Brushes:
Extra wide for use by up to four people, our treble boot scraper with brushes is the largest model in our boot wiper range measuring 2.4 metres wide, and supplied with three large brushes and two small side brushes as well as welded steel shoe scrapersTreble boot wipers can be bolted to the surface, concreted into the ground, or supplied with wall fixing arms to be attached to buildings. Featuring a 38mm diameter fully welded steel frame, our Treble boot wiper is extremely durable and suitable for heavy duty commercial use.

All boot wipers are supplied with pre-fitted brushes. No assembly required, simply unbox and use. Replacement brush sets and fixings are available directly from Barricade. 

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