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Height Restriction Barriers:
Used when vehicles need to be restricted access by height on car parks, industrial estates and private roads. The steel arm, held in place by two heavy duty steel posts, will prevent vehicles over a certain height from gaining unauthorised entry. Available as fixed or pivoting depending on access requirements. 

Manual Rising Arm Barrier:
Mainly used on car park entrances to restrict unauthorised access by vehicles. The barrier uses a counterweight to aid ease of operation and can be locked in both the raised and lowered position. 

HGV Wheel Guide Barriers:
Fitted on commercial warehouse and factory loading bays to aid HGV’s and large vehicles while reversing into loading bays. HGV Wheel Guides will also act as a means of loading bay delineation while providing a stable and durable steel kerb. The heavy-duty mild steel barriers will act as a physical and visual reversing aid for HGV drivers. The high visibility yellow finish of the barriers aids visibility. 

HGV Wheel Stops:
Designed to control the parking of HGV’s, coaches and other large vehicles. Heavy duty, rubber barriers are bolted to the ground and will prevent the reversing of vehicles past a certain point to protect buildings and other vehicles. 

Manual Swing Gate:

Simple, heavy duty swing gates are used to prevent unauthorised access to private roads, farms, industrial estates, etc. The rectangular steel gate frame is lockable using a padlock and is supplied with a catch post as standard. 

Pitch Spectator Barrier:

Acts as a physical barrier between players and spectators on playing fields and pitches during sports matches. The barrier can be fitted with mesh infill panels to further restrict access to small children and animals. 

Bespoke Gate Systems:
Fully bespoke Commercial and Residential gate systems can be fabricated to suit any application. From ornate residential gates customised to suit the property or surrounding area, to large commercial gates designed to provide high security protection for commercial properties. 

Armco Barrier:
Fitted alongside dual carriageways and motorways and designed to absorb impact from vehicles, preventing them from spinning back into traffic or flipping over. Armco barrier is manufactured from galvanised mild steel, ensuring strength and durability.

All height restrictors, swing gates, and manual rising arm barriers can be fitted with shielded lock guards to prevent any attempts to cut through the padlock and gain unauthorised entry by trespassers. 

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