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Removable bollards lock into place inside a steel ground socket using a high security padlock allowing them to be lifted out of the ground to allow temporary access to vehicles. When the removable bollard is unlocked and lifted out of its ground socket, the steel lid sits flush with the ground. This removes the risk of trip hazards and leaves a flush surface in place of the security post.

·         All lift out bollards fabricated in-house.

·         Heavy duty, galvanised steel ground socket.

·         Completely flush fitting steel lid when post is removed.

·         Lifting handles on large square version to aid removal of bollard.

The ground socket is concreted into the ground to provide a solid foundation for the removable security post. The socket and lid are galvanised to prolong the lifespan. Lift out bollards can be powder coated in any colour and have reflective bands applied to increase visibility.

Lift out bollards are available in both round and square options. The Large square version of our removable security bollard features handles as standard to help lift the post of out the socket.

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