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Square Hardwood Timber Bollard


Our square hardwood timber bollards are made from European Oak to provide a naturally strong and durable access control solution. The wooden posts provide an excellent alternative to steel bollards allowing the control of access to traffic, while still allowing the free movement of pedestrians.

Wooden bollards can be supplied in both static (fixed) and removable (lift-out) versions. The removable timber bollard comes supplied with a galvanised steel ground socket.

  • Fully bespoke sizes available by request.
  • Environmentally friendly product from FSC certified sustainable sources.
  • Various head types including four-way weathered, flat and chamfered.
  • Wooden bollards can be recessed to accept reflective banding.
  • Plaques and engraving options available.
  • Can be supplied in removable format including steel ground socket.

Choose your bollard size below:

The specification for your selected bollard is shown in the table below:
Attribute Value
Timber Head Type

Timber Head Type

You can customise the appearance of your timber bollard by selecting your required head type.
Timber Colour

Timber Colour

Select your required timber bollard finish. If you require a colour that isn't listed then please contact us with the details.
Timber Recess

Timber Recess

Select your timber bollard recess option. All four sides of the timber will be recessed 100mm from the top of the bollard to either accept reflective banding or for decorative purposes.
Make Timber Removable

Make Timber Removable

If the removable option is taken then the timber bollard is supplied complete with a galvanised steel ground socket and a steel pin is included to allow padlock fixing.
Timber Banding

Timber Banding

Select the reflective banding options for your wooden bollard. Bands are usually fitted inside of a recess and will increase the visibility of your bollard.
Convert Timber To Post & Rail

Convert Timber To Post & Rail

Select this option to convert your timber bollards into a post & rail system. This is achieved by boring a hole through the wooden post and inserting a steel tube. You will need to contact our sales team to finalise your post and rail order and provide the required measurements.
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