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Costa Stainless Steel Guardrail


Our Costa stainless steel guardrail is an elegant and high-strength post and rail system that features vertical infill bars and a sight top as standard. The Costa guardrail's contemporary and attractive design makes it an ideal fixture on a wide variety of locations including bus & train stations, shopping centres and retail parks.

Stainless steel guardrail acts as an essential barrier between pedestrians and oncoming traffic, bodies of water or similar locations where there is need to restrict access for public safety reasons.

Stainless steel has excellent anti-vandal properties that ensures a long-lasting, clean finish. Costa stainless steel guard rail is fabricated in-house from high-quality 304 grade stainless steel. Either base plate or root fixing methods are available by request.

·         Contemporary and elegant design.

·         316 grade available by request.

·         Stainless steel base plate covers supplied as standard to hide fixings.

Attribute Value
Stainless steel grade for post & rail system

Stainless steel grade for post & rail system

Select the stainless steel grade of your post & rail system. 304 grade is the most common type with 316 (marine) grade for use mainly in coastal areas.
Infill bar configuration for post & rail system

Infill bar configuration for post & rail system

Select your required infill bar configuration. The different options available for the infill bar configuration will affect the optimum viewing angles for the post & rail systems.
Fixing method for post & rail

Fixing method for post & rail

Select your fixing method for the post and rail system. The base plate fix version bolts to the surface and the root fix version is concreted into the ground.

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