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Heavy-duty mild steel bollards are the ideal security and traffic control solution for commercial properties, loading bays, industrial estates and warehouses where there is increased risk of damage to property by HGVs, forklift trucks and large vehicles. Service yard bollards feature a thicker steel wall and a large diameter to provide substantial property protection and access control.

Heavy-duty steel bollards can also be fitted with an internal mild steel core, or supplied with loose top caps allowing them to be concrete filled for additional strength. Anti-ram bollards are designed to prevent vehicles from damaging storefronts, cash machines and causing damage on petrol forecourts. Reflective banding can be applied to the bollards to increase visibility and avoid accidental impact.

Heavy duty steel bollards can be supplied in both root fix (for concreting in) or base plate fix (for bolting to the surface) options. The root fixed version will give the bollard additional strength as these large bollards are usually buried deeper into the ground to provide a solid foundation. We also supply heavy duty telescopic bollards.

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