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We supply hardwood timber bollards at the cheapest prices around. We can supply in any size, square or round. If you have receive a cheaper quote, let us know and we will beat it.

Timber bollards have been used for traffic management and perimeter protection for centuries, with the term bollard thought to have originated from ‘bole’ which means tree trunk, and they continue to be an extremely popular traffic control method to this day. Hardwood bollards are a naturally strong and durable product that are used to control traffic access (in town and city centres), secure perimeters (such as car parks and forecourts) and protect buildings (such as shopping centres & storefronts).

Wooden bollards provide a rustic, high-strength and environmentally friendly access control and traffic control method with all of our hardwood timber FSC certified and sourced from sustainable forestry schemes. Our timber bollards are manufactured from European Oak which is a high strength material known for its durability and tendency not to warp or crack. This makes it the ideal material for a bollard and once installed the wooden posts tend to look better with age (just like you). 

Hardwood timber bollards are available in both round and square options and can be recessed and fitted with reflective bands or plaques to aid visibility. Wooden bollards can be stained in several colours to suit the surroundings or left untouched to show off their natural beauty. A wooden bollard can have a range of head types including a flat top, a chamfered top, a sloped top, or a pyramid top. Round timber bollards can be finished with a dome top. 

Timber bollards provide a low-maintenance, and versatile security solution which is available in both static and removable option. The removable timber bollard can be lifted out from the ground sockets to allow temporary access for vehicles. The removable timber bollard is fitted with a steel pin which secures it to the steel ground socket with a padlock. When not in use the removable timber bollard fully lifts out of the ground socket leaving a steel lid which sits flush to the ground. 

For further information on our hardwood timber bollards, please contact the Barricade sales office on 0845 900 2131 or fill in our enquiry form on the contact page and we will be happy to help. We also provide a UK wide installation service on any of our wooden bollards. If you need supply and install, please let us know.

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