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Stainless Steel Cranked Bollard


Our stainless steel cranked bollard is fabricated from 304 grade stainless steel and supplied in 101mm diameter as standard. The bollard is root fixed meaning that it is concreted into the ground to provide additional strength and security.

Stainless steel cranked bollards are most often installed on drive through fast food restaurants. The mild steel version of the cranked bollard is used by KFC & McDonald's.

Stainless steel bollards can be customised with various head types, reflective banding and material grade. All additional options for the root fix round bollards are available at the bottom of this page.

·         101mm diameter as standard.

·         1550mm overall length as standard with fully bespoke sizing options available.

·         Root fixing for increased strength.

·         Various head types available.

·         Available in 304 grade or 316 grade stainless steel.

·         Reflective banding options available to increase visibility.

Attribute Value
Stainless Steel Grade

Stainless Steel Grade

Select the stainless steel grade of your bollard. 304 grade is the most common type, with 316 (marine) grade for use mainly in coastal areas.
Reflective Bands

Reflective Bands

Select the reflective banding options to increase the visibility of your bollard. All banding is Class 2 retro-reflective which is highly reflective & has excellent weatherproof properties.

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