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(EV) Electric Vehicle Charge Point Protection:
EV (Electric vehicle) charge points are increasingly common and can be susceptible to accidental damage due to their proximity to vehicles on garage forecourts, etc. As the charge points contain electrical equipment, which could cause major issues if exposed or damaged, they need additional protection. Charge point protection comes in a variety of styles, from bollard types to pincer barriers, and can be fabricated in mild or stainless steel.

Door Protection Hoop Barriers:
Installed on doorways, usually including a rubber bump stop, to prevent the door swinging too wide and hitting the wall of the building, they can also be fitted with a latch and used to hold doors open. Fabricated from either mild or stainless steel and available with a range of tapping bars for visually impaired, glass panels or steel infill panels.

Steel Column Protectors:
Steel column protectors will absorb any accidental impact from a vehicle, preventing damage to the lamppost, or column behind. Available in a variety of styles, fixing options and materials to suit the surrounding environment. The column protector will prevent any electrical damage which could cause a major public health hazard.

Mild Steel Hoop Barriers:
Hoop barriers provide a reliable, versatile and durable access control solution. The mild steel hoop barrier can be galvanised to prevent rust and powder coated in any RAL colour. The goalpost design and wide range of widths and heights makes the hooped barrier ideal for securing large car parks and garage forecourts without the need for obtrusive fencing.

Stainless Steel Hoop Barriers: 
Available in a wide variety of diameters, lengths and heights, stainless steel hoop barriers have excellent anti-vandal properties and will retain their polished finish for many years with simple and easy maintenance. Stainless steel can also be supplied in marine grade (316) making it suitable for coastal areas.

Cycle Stands & Racks:
Designed to allow the securing of bicycles and scooters with the use of a suitable lock, the cycle stand is a simple, versatile hoop barrier that can be fabricated from either mild or stainless steel. Cycle stands are available in many styles with the Sheffield cycle stand being the most common.

Heavy Duty Forecourt Hoop Barriers:
A large diameter, heavy-duty hoop barrier designed specifically for protecting petrol pumps on garage forecourts. Forecourt hoop barriers can also be used to protect cash machines and service station fronts. With an extended root concreted into the ground, these hoops will provide substantial impact protection for multiple applications.

Trolley Bay Hoop Barriers:
Trolley hoops are fitted on supermarket and retail park car parks and used to secure shopping trolleys with use of their locking chain. Having the trolleys anchored to the hoop barriers will ensure that no trolleys can spill out onto the car park, potentially causing damage to parked vehicles. These barriers are often found inside Trolley Shelters to form aisles.

All hoop barriers and protection barriers are available with base plates for bolting to the surface, or extended legs for root fixing into concrete foundations.

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