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Boot wipers provide a sturdy, weatherproof and highly effective way of removing stubborn dirt from sports shoes and footwear.

Treble boot wipers are our largest boot wiper model and are used in locations where multiple people need to use the unit at once. Treble boot wipers are available in either base plate or root fix options. Wall fixing arms are available if the boot wiper needs to be secured to a building or wall.

If you are placing an order on behalf of a school or local authority, we can provide an instant 30 day account so that no upfront payment is required.

Boot wipers can be fitted at farms, gardens, sports grounds, leisure centres, schools and universities to provide an effective cleaning station and help to keep indoor and outdoor areas mud free.  

Our boot wipers include pre-installed, replaceable nylon brushes and built in steel side scrapers to ensure the majority of mud is removed from all footwear.

Treble boot wipers are finished in black as standard and come complete with pre-fitted, durable nylon brushes.

We supply sets of replaceable brushes for all of our boot wiper models. For pricing information on any of our boot wipers, contact the Barricade sales office on 01257 367090 or fill in our enquiry form on the contact page and we will be happy to help.

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