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Our compact, freestanding boot wipers are designed to provide space-saving and effective boot cleaning for areas where space is limited, or for people who want to move their boot wiper between locations without having to go through the hassle of unbolting the fixings to do so.

All our boot wipers are supplied fully assembled and fitted with durable and replaceable brushes. Just lift our boot wiper out of the box and it's ready for use. No fumbling around for spanners or screwdrivers. A full set of brushes is pre-fitted to the boot wiper and the steel shoe scrapers are welded to the frame for extra stability. Our brushes will last for a long time before they need replacing, making our boot wiper a super economical shoe cleaning solution.

As our frame is fully welded, it can be operated safely with absolutely no wobble or movement. The boot wiper is finished with a hard-wearing and weatherproof powder coated finish. The boot wiper can be either bolted to the surface or operated without fixings due to the large base which keeps it nice and stable when in use.

So why are our boot wipers so low cost? Well that's because we fabricate everything in-house, using high quality British steel. You won't find a better quality boot wiper on the market. We are steel fabrication experts and that shows in every one of our products.

Our boot wipers are built to last for years and years, even with rigorous everyday use. We also supply replacement brush sets for all of our boot wiper models.

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