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We manufacture and supply high quality steel boot wiper and boot scraper units that are designed for ease of use and durability. We fabricate all boot wipers in-house and our robust and sturdy designs are built to last.

·         Heavy duty 38mm diameter steel frame.

·         In-built steel boot scrapers.

·         Root fix design for concreting in or Base plate fix for bolting to the surface.

·         Replaceable, long-lasting PVC brushes.

·         Hot dip galvanised as standard to prevent rust.

·         Durable powder coating finish in black as standard.

·         Can be supplied in any RAL colour.

Barricade boot wipers include hard-wearing brushes and built in scrapers to ensure a the most effective boot cleaning solution on the market. Our boot cleaners are galvanised and polyester powder coated black as standard to provide a rust-proof, weatherproof and highly efficient method for removing mud & stubborn dirt from:

  • Football boots
  • Golf shoes
  • Track shoes
  • Wellies
  • School shoes
  • Work-boots

Boot wipers are often installed at sports clubs, golf courses, football training grounds, schools, construction sites and leisure centres to provide an effective cleaning station and help to keep indoor areas dirt free. The hooped design of our boot wipers provide a secure handle to grip when in use, ensuring that they can be safely used without the risk of injury or loss of balance.

Our boot wipers include pre-installed, replaceable nylon brushes and built in steel side scrapers to ensure the majority of mud is removed from all footwear.

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